The Secret of the Inner Wheel...


Last night I was invited to attend an Inner Wheel meeting in Letchworth. It marked the changing of the president and the outgoing president had raised some money for Home-Start.

I was invited to stay after the cheque presentation and did so out of curiosity and I am so pleased I did.

This small, women’s group, repeated across the world was started very much as the ‘wives branch’ of the Rotary Club so how can it be relevant today?

The group, mostly women of ‘experience’ were one of the most talented, interesting and compassionate groups I have come across in a while (and I know my compassionate groups). With a focus purely on their local community. They knew everything about Letchworth and cared passionately about the town and its people.

I sat opposite a retired mathematician who had spent the day training teachers in Birmingham about new methods of engaging children in maths. The woman next to me was a former board member of Home-Start, knew huge amounts about every subject and spoke fluent French.

Like many small local charities the numbers of Inner Wheel members has dropped over recent years. The Rotary Club has been female friendly for decades and so why should this small female charity continue?

With the aims of the organisation ‘To promote true friendship - To encourage the ideals of personal service - To foster International understanding ‘ Has there ever been a time in history when this was needed more?

But mostly - the community would be so much the poorer without them. Seven charities benefited from their fundraising last night. Internationally they raise £millions for good causes and seek nothing in return but friendship.

I Urge every woman to visit their local branch - they are all over the UK. Find out what they can do for your community, any maybe what you could do with them.

At the presentation last night three candles were lit. One for the past - one for the present and one for the future. I hope that many young women come together to keep that last candle alight.

Inner Wheel - I salute you. 


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