Teddies Tales - May 2022


Hello everyone, 

I’ve so much to tell you about my adventures in May that I hardly know where to start. There have been walks and rallies and lots of travelling. It has been wonderful.

The beginning of May was full of meetings. I listened to M&D Chairman Anthea’s Membership and Development Committee meeting and that was followed by a meeting with Sarah about i-wheel. Both were interesting. The next day President Betty went off to London for the last Council meeting of her year. I think she was a little bit sad. She said that it went very well and that she had to say goodbye to so many Members of Council, she said it felt like all of them! She also said that most of them had enjoyed a meal at an Indian restaurant quite near to the hotel where they were staying. The food was lovely, she said, but they waited an awfully long time for it!

The day after she got home from the meeting in London, Uncle Dave set off for a Rotary thing in Birmingham for a couple of days. That meant that he was not able to go to District 14’s rally with President Betty. Instead, she went with  Committee Chairman Anthea. It was not too far to travel, and it didn’t take too long. President Betty said she was familiar with Croydon, where the rally was to be held, so there wouldn’t be any difficulty in finding the venue. She also said how much the area had changed since she knew it. It was quite a small rally, but that gave me a chance to speak to most of the ladies there. So many said how pleased they were to see me.

We had a club meeting the next week, and preparations were being made for President Betty’s club’s celebration of their 85th charter. It will be a lunch at a golf club where we have been many times before. I hope there will be a lot of people there.


Then we set off for District 21. President Betty put me to bed early when she and Uncle Dave joined the district chairman for supper in the hotel. She said I must be tired, but I wasn’t. It wasn’t such a long drive. The rally was in a huge room with a beautiful view of the canal, and I could see the boats drifting past. I really liked that. After the rally President Betty and Uncle Dave took me to  President Betty’s brother’s house where we had coffee and cake with Uncle John and Aunty Tracey. We went out that evening to a place called a marina. I have never been to a marina before, and I had to ask President Betty what sort of a place it was. She told me that it was where lots of boats are tied up. When we got there, I could see boats which were just like the ones I had seen on the canal earlier. The four of them went into the building and had some supper, but I stayed in the car. President Betty said I couldn’t possibly be hungry as I had eaten so much earlier. I thought that would be the same for her too, but she didn’t like me telling her. At every rally she moans about how fat she is getting, but she didn’t like me saying that either.




The next day we went off to Yarnfield Park where the annual assembly will be held. President Betty had not been there before, and as it was so close it seemed like a good idea. Melanie and Vice President Karen were there as well. Two very kind ladies showed us all around. We saw the meeting rooms and sampled a lunch in the dining room. President Betty had fish and chips and a delicious looking cake for pudding. President Betty told me that I will not be coming to Yarnfield Park in July as she will no longer be President Betty, and it will be President Karen. I will miss meeting all the lovely ladies.

The next week we went to visit the ladies of the IW Club of Taunton, where we did a charity walk. The weather was not particularly good, and I spent some of the time stuffed into President Betty’s rucksack. It was hot and stuffy there, and dark. I didn’t see a lot of the area, but I did see the delicious soup which the ladies had for lunch, and the puddings were amazing!

We went to visit the IW Club of Clacton on Sea on a very hot and sunny day. There was a lovely lunch and President Betty had profiteroles for pudding. It was a huge helping. We heard from some visiting speakers all about some children in Africa and they showed pictures on the big screen as well. The lW ladies had all brought their cardboard collecting boxes for the treasurer to count all the money. When she lifted them all up to put into her car, she said she could hardly manage to lift them. I hope the Stroke Association will be pleased with all their efforts.


We went to visit the Inner Wheel Club of Chesham and walked with them. It was a bit up hill, and I got a bit puffed, but it was lovely to walk around the fields in the countryside. We left our car at the tennis club where we all met, and when we got back there, the ladies had brought loads of cake for us to eat with our coffee. It was wonderful. The ladies gave us the money that they had collected, and President Betty sent it to the Stroke Association the next day.


We left home to travel to Scotland on the Monday of the next week. I have been to Scotland before, both with President Betty and a couple of times on my own, so I knew how far it was. Uncle Dave said we would break the journey on the way to Scotland. I don’t know what he meant by that; it was just as long as before. President Betty told me that he would break it into manageable chunks. It didn’t seem like that to me. The scenery was just as beautiful as I remembered it and there were fields and fields full of sheep, but this time I saw a lot of cows as well. Aren’t they big? We met the ladies of District 2 and President Betty had her photo taken, and so did I. We met a lady who was wearing her new M@L badge and President Betty chatted to her for a while. When we left District 2 after their rally, I think Uncle Dave was breaking chunks again, as we didn’t travel all the way to District 1. We stopped for a night on the way. When we did get to District 1, I saw the sea and a great big sandy beach. I would have gone for a paddle, but it was raining, and the wind was blowing so hard I thought I might be blown into the sky. When we were asked to have our photos taken, there was a man in a very smart uniform, and he was carrying a sword. He was called the Lord Lieutenant. President Betty told me that he came to the lunch instead of the Queen. She was busy that day. Fancy that, I nearly met the Queen.


Uncle Dave did the thing with chunks again on the way home, and we stayed in Cumbria for the night.

I’ve been walking with President Betty and Uncle Dave this month, but I’ve no time to tell you all about that now. I’ll do you a little newsletter with all President Betty’s twenty-nine walks. We’ve not quite finished them yet, but we haven’t many more to do.

We’re off to District 16 at the beginning of June, and I’ll tell you all about that next month.

 Bye for now,





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More information on The Stroke Association can be found under the Charitable Projects button. 

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