Teddie's Tales 3 - End of August 2021 

Hello again,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had quite a busy August. I had hoped I would be going on holiday, but President Betty and Uncle Dave decided that there was too much to do, and I think they were right.



On 6th August I went to visit the Inner Wheel club of Ware and joined them for a walk. They were so smart in lovely pink Inner Wheel tee shirts. I didn’t have a tee shirt, but I wore my Inner Wheel badge and a badge from the Stroke Association. We walked along the riverbank and I saw some swans in the water.

Then we walked up a hill to a very nice Inner Wheel lady who gave us coffee and biscuits. It rained a bit when we were walking and so I didn’t get too wet, (President Betty thought I might shrink – fancy that) she put me inside her rucksack. I was cold and damp and lonely. But when the sun came out again, she took me out and carried me.


We went to a lovely café for our lunch and everyone there was very friendly. The café is called Bridget’s and is part of ASL (Aspire, Support, Learn), a charity that supports young adults with additional needs.

When we had finished our lunch the lovely helpers at the café sang and danced for us. We all waved our arms in the air. It was really good fun.

Later in the month I attended another rally. This time it was in District 26. I sat on the table with President Betty’s cards and candles, and all the ladies who were buying things came and talked to me. I even  had my photo taken again.

I’m pleased to say that President Betty didn’t forget to collect me from the cards table and take me to the top table so she could introduce me to everyone in her speech. I liked that.

I listened to District Chairman Brenda talking about some of the members who had done some extra special work, and one of them was given a gift. That was nice.


On August 23rd I went walking again. This was with the ladies of President Betty’s club, and we walked in the Braintree and Bocking public gardens. This is not a very big park and we walked round the perimeter of the park more than once. People must have wondered what we were doing, but we stopped and talked to some of them. When we stopped for coffee (and a rest), more people asked what we were doing, and they put some coins in the big purple bucket. I had to get out to let them do this. We met a very important man at the gardens.


He came from the Stroke Association and was what they called the Chair of the Trustees. He walked with us for part of the way. All the ladies did some of the walking, even those they said were very old. (90+) June said that we had walked over 33 thousand steps between us. That’s a lot! It was a nice sunny day and no rain this time.

The very next day I went walking again! We walked in a wood near to the town of Witham. The wood was called James Cooke woods, named after a young man who had been hanged at Chelmsford prison in 1829. They said he had set a fire at the nearby farm where he worked, but the fires continued after he had been hanged, so it couldn’t have been him. What a dreadful story.

After we left the woods, we drove on to a beautiful old church that wasn’t in use anymore. It was called St Peter’s Church and is looked after by a group called the Friends of Friendless Churches. When we were there a very kind vicar told us about the church. He was visiting it too, and he was going to bless the new stained-glass windows that had been made. He showed us pictures of how it used to be. After we left the church, we walked across the fields to see a wooden bridge.



This bridge used to carry the railway line over the mill stream on its way between Witham and Maldon. It is the last surviving timber trestle railway bridge in England. It was such a long drop from the bridge to the water, I was afraid to sit on it, and President Betty said there was a notice to say it was unsafe. I thought if I fell off I might end up in the river and I would drown. I’m not much good at

swimming. It was another beautiful day, and I really enjoyed the sunshine.                                                          


On the last day of the month, I will be going in Uncle Dave’s car again because we are going to Llangollen to visit PP Enid. I’m sure I have heard them talking about a walk while we are there, but that won’t be until next month. I’m looking forward to that. We have five visits to make in September, but I’ll tell you all about those in the next episode.

Bye for now, Love Teddie xxx




Teddie’s Tales 2 - Beginning of August 2021


Well, what an exciting time I’ve had in July!

I started off the month attending the Annual Assembly. I sat and watched all that was happening on Zoom.

I heard everything about the Members of Council and where they live. I heard from the Committee Chairmen and Melanie. I now know who’s who. I met the District Chairmen too and was able to give them a wave. On the following day I listened to Juliet, who told us all about the Stroke Association. That’s who my sponsored walk is for.


The next week I was packed upside down in a box and went on a long, long journey. When I arrived at my destination Auntie Vanessa looked after me, and sat me in the sunshine to clear my head. Then she took me for a very long walk with Auntie Sue. We went to where the sea meets the land at a place called Land’s End. It was really blowy there and I was afraid that I might fall down and land in the sea!


On the way home we stopped for a picnic and I sat and watched the waves and the seagulls.


After that I had to go in the box again to go back home.






I went to my first club meeting too and met the ladies of the IW club of Braintree and Bocking. We sent some postcards while we were there, to some old ladies and gentlemen who live in places called Care Homes. We did that to cheer them up a bit. The IW ladies were very nice to me and promised that they would take me for a walk in August.


After that excitement, I had a rest for a few days while President Betty got together the things she was going to take to District 17. There were lots of cards that she had made, and some handmade candles too.



We set off for Devon quite early in the morning and although we  expected some heavy traffic, all was well, at least for the first part. But my goodness, the traffic really got worse and President Betty was quite cross with Uncle David, but it was not his fault. We had a picnic by the motorway, but it wasn’t as nice as Auntie Vanessa’s.


We had a lovely time at the Rally and lots of ladies came to talk to me, they were very nice. I listened to President Betty make a speech. I expect I shall have to listen to this a few times.





At the end of the month I went to District 24’s Assembly. Fortunately I didn’t have to travel in a box this time, I was in a big bag and I could look out and see all around me. At the meeting I sat at the top table! President Betty sat with everyone else. I heard them talking about taking me for a walk along Southend Pier. I have never been to a pier before.  I was very pleased when some of the ladies took my photograph. I wonder what they are going to do with it.


Those are my July adventures, but August will soon be here, and I am going on a few walks with my ladies. I’ll tell you more next month.


Bye for now, Love Teddie xxx









Teddies Tales 1 - Beginning of July 2021

Dear Friends in Inner Wheel,

I can’t tell you enough about how excited I am that our new Inner Wheel year is beginning. I’m looking forward to my travels to meet you all and I’ve packed my camera and my swimsuit for my first adventure to District 17 in July.

Later in the year I’m looking forward to walking with you to raise money for President Betty’s charity, The Stroke Association. I’ve already asked my brothers and sisters to sponsor me. You wouldn’t believe it, but they laughed at me and told me I wouldn’t be able to walk very far as my legs are very short. I’m going to prove them wrong.

I’ve even learned how to do selfies so that I can have a record of my adventures. I hope you’ll have your photo taken with me. I’m coming to Bournemouth too, to join in the conference.

I can’t spend all day chatting to you though, I’ve so much to do, but I’ll write again in August just to let you know how I’m getting on.

Bye for now,

Love Teddie


Click here to see details of President Betty's Land's End to John O'Groats walk to fund-raise for her chosen charity The Stroke Association this year.


More information on The Stroke Association can be found under the Charitable Projects button. 

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