Teddies Tales December 2021 

What a wonderful month December is!

I have had so much fun, but perhaps I should start from the beginning.


President Betty left me at home with Uncle Dave when she went to London for the Exec meeting at the beginning of December. I wanted to go with her and see the Christmas lights and the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square, but she said there was too much to carry. As well as her case, and her blue bag with all her paperwork and stuff, she had another shopping bag full of things wrapped up and she said she was afraid she might drop me somewhere and lose me.

She had a club meeting too, and said exactly the same, I’m beginning to think she doesn’t love me anymore. She also went to a Carol Concert in Chelmsford Cathedral, but I wasn’t invited to that. She said she had really enjoyed it, especially the performance by the Music Man Project.









I sat in the room when President Betty had a Zoom meeting with Natalie from the Stroke Association. Natalie said how pleased they all were at Stroke HQ by the wonderful photos and information about the walks some of the clubs have been doing. She also asked if anyone who had a collecting box at home might empty it and send the money in. Like all charities at the moment things are really difficult and how much they would appreciate the money.



President Betty and I have had so many lovely Christmas greetings; every day the postman has brought us new cards to open. It’s really exciting. Do you know, I even had a glossary of words that I might need to learn for my trip to Scotland in the New Year. I also had a great big parcel from the postman. I don’t expect you can guess what was in it.


We had a Christmas Tree in our house, I expect you had one too. It had very pretty decorations on it, and little coloured lights that twinkle. I just had to have my photo taken with it, and I love it, but President Betty got a bit grumpy and complained about dropped needles and having to vacuum all the time. When we went away for Christmas there was a Christmas tree in our room, but we didn’t have to clear up the needles from that one.






It was this beautiful, knitted blanket which came from my friends in District 6. It is in Blue and Yellow, my favourite colours, and of course the colours for Inner Wheel. I had it wrapped around my legs when I travelled to Cornwall for my Christmas holiday. I told President Betty that she could take it to the beach with her on Christmas morning, as I thought she would be very cold when she came out of the sea. We had arranged to meet some of her friends on Pendower Beach for a quick swim in the sea. Unfortunately, President Betty had a horrible cough and cold when we were away, and although we met up with her friends, she didn’t get her dip in the sea. She kept having to do tests, (I thought that was a bit like school until she explained it to me) to make sure she just had a cough and cold and not that nasty virus thing that is going around. I don’t think bears can get the virus. Good.




Do you remember that I told you I was allowed to taste the icin on the Christmas Cake? Well, I did, and it was amazing. I didn’t like the cake much; I just wish there was more icing. I also got a big jar of honey from Father Christmas, and I could have eaten it all in one go, but Uncle Dave said it would make me sick, and President Betty would be very cross if I made a mess, so I made it last for a few days.





I have been told that I shall not be going to Bournemouth for the conference in April. President Betty said that cancelling the conference was a very hard decision and she has been a bit sad about it and I don’t know what to do to cheer her up.

While we were away President Betty and Melanie (who knows everything) had a telephone call to decide what to do about a meeting in London in January. It seems this virus thing makes it difficult to plan anything, and I know she was worrying about that too.

We ended December with a very special day, called New Year’s Eve, and I was allowed to stay up very late, and taste some champagne. What a grown-up bear I am!  I shall stop now and say Happy New Year to all my friends. I’m not sure what President Betty and I will be doing in January, but I’ll tell you all about it very soon.


Teddie x



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Click here to see details of President Betty's Land's End to John O'Groats walk to fund-raise for her chosen charity The Stroke Association this year.


More information on The Stroke Association can be found under the Charitable Projects button. 

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