Teddie's Takes - End of September 2021

My goodness, what a busy month September has been, but also what wonderful weather.

I woke up on the 1st of September in a strange bed. I had forgotten that on the day before Uncle Dave drove President Betty and me to PP Enid’s home in Wales. It was such a long journey for a little bear, and I decided to stay at home in the morning, when PP Enid showed uncle Dave and President Betty around the area. They said it was very beautiful. President Betty was delighted that she had managed to buy some very pretty cups and saucers in a charity shop, as she is always needing more for the candles she has been making. She has been selling her candles, cards, and other bits to raise funds for the Stroke Association. Thank you to all of you who have bought her things, like the advert on the TV says, ”every little helps.”



In the afternoon I met lots of ladies from the IW club of Llangollen and we all went for  a walk. We walked alongside a canal, and it was very pretty, then we suddenly found ourselves walking on a narrow path high up in the sky. There was the canal on one side of me, and on the other it was a long way down. I was much higher than the trees. It was quite windy, and when I looked over the side of the railings, I was a bit scared. They told me that we were walking along the Pontcysylite Aqueduct.


It is 126feet high and 336 yards long. It was built in 1805 which is a very long time ago. I hoped it was safe. I kept looking where I was going, never to the right or left, and I was fine. Uncle Dave told me that once we had walked across it, the only way back home was to walk across it again! We had a smashing tea and cake at the end of our walk, and the ladies told me I was a brave little bear. Fancy that.



The following day we travelled to Chester where PP Enid, President Betty and I attended District 18’s Rally. What a lovely day. There were so many ladies for me to smile at, and some made such a fuss of me. I like going to the rallies with President Betty. One lady asked if I could come back to District 18 to do another walk with some different ladies. I didn’t want to walk over that aqueduct again, but she said they were going somewhere different. I suppose I shall have to travel in that pokey little box again, but never mind. The walks are great, and I get my photo taken.

Later in the month we set off again, this time for Bournemouth where the Conference Committee were working hard to prepare for the Conference there next year. As it was lovely weather, Uncle

Dave and President Betty decided to go a day early. When we got there the sun was shining, and we decided to go for a walk. We left the hotel and went down to the beach. People were sitting on the beach in the sun and some people were swimming. We walked all along the beach for such a long way, and when we had had enough, we walked back again. There was a fancy lift think to get you to the top of the cliffs, but we walked up a zig-zag path. We walked for about 3 miles. President Betty said that was walk number four completed, only 25 more to do.



The next morning, we drove to a National Trust Property called Kingston Lacy to have a look around. We might go there again when we all go to Bournemouth for the Conference. There were a lot of people visiting that day, so Uncle Dave suggested that we should follow the signs and walk along the Woodland Walk. It was quiet and peaceful among the trees and the path was easy to follow. We passed animals in the fields, and saw birds and butterflies, and lots of wildflowers, and a funny little house on wheels. Just right for me. We walked another three miles that day, and President Betty said she hadn’t thought about another walk. But it was one more completed.


The next week Uncle Dave said that he was fed up with motorways, and so he took us a scenic route to Woodhall Spa for District 127’s Rally. Because there were not many cafés along the road it was very late when we had our lunch. We were very hungry.  It was a very small café, but the plates of lunch were enormous. If we had known, we could have shared. It was delicious though. When we reached Woodhall Spa there were some ladies there to greet us, and we had a nice chat, a glass of wine and another nice meal. My tummy will be getting too big if this carries on.


The rally was lovely, we started with a service in the church and although all the ladies were all wearing masks, (not me) everyone was singing and happy to be there. After church we went to the hotel and because the weather was so great, we sat in the gardens and drank some wine before lunch was served. All the ladies said how great it was to be able to meet up once again. It was a very happy day. I was allowed to have a little sip of the wine, but I think I may have had more that President Betty realised.



When we got to District 7,  President Betty said I had to stay with Uncle Dave while she went to an event called Pate, Puds and Prosecco. The ladies met up at the Cricket Club and enjoyed some food, wine, and a lot of chat. President Betty said I had had enough wine the day before. How mean.  We went to visit some of Uncle Dave’s friends while she enjoyed her time with the ladies. We had a nice cup of tea and some yummy cake.


At District 7’s rally lunch couldn’t believe my eyes; I have never seen so many people in one room. It seemed to  me like there were hundreds of them, but I don’t suppose that’s right. Again, it was a lovely day with all the ladies chatting and smiling. Lots of people bought Presidents Betty’s cards and the raffle prizes to be won looked fabulous. Because of the Covid virus lots of the districts had to cancel their rallies last year, but in District 7 last year’s District Chairman Pauline and this year’s District Chairman Shirley shared their rally, and each did a part of it. I thought that was nice.


Later in the month we were on our travels again, and I went to stay with Aunty Wendy. It was raining cats and dogs the day that we went. I’m glad that it doesn’t rain teddies. We couldn’t find Aunty Wendy’s house very easily, and Uncle Dave had to stop on the way so that President Betty could speak to Melanie in the office. I have met Melanie before, at Bournemouth. She is such a clever lady, she knows everything. When we got to Aunty Wendy’s I had my supper and an early night because Uncle Dave said there was a busy time ahead.


We set off early the next day and went to a big hotel. There were lots of cars there, and some grass for me to run around on. President Betty told me that it was a lawn, and I certainly wasn’t allowed to run around on it. There were a lot of ladies there and I had my photo taken, and I’m going to ask if I could have a copy, because they said it was a nice photo. There were lots of photos being taken. It was a lovely meal, and I ate so much I was really full.

After lunch we set off again, this time to District 20 where President Betty and I stayed with Aunty Pam. Uncle Dave left me behind this time and he went off to meet some friends again. I was really tired after that busy day and the long drive, so I stayed in bed in the morning. Luxury. Aunty Pam and President Betty went off to a lunch with some members from Aunty Pam’s club and some others. I stayed at home and snoozed. Lots of them came back to Aunty Pam’s house in the afternoon and chatted. I don’t know how they managed to chat all over again in the evening at the rally. There couldn’t have been anything left to say.

I’m glad I didn’t go with Uncle Dave because I went to the rally in the evening. I listened to the speeches, and there were some certificates presented. They looked amazing, with gold frames and blue and yellow ribbons. The hall had blue and yellow bunting too. I like blue and yellow, my favourite colours. Did you guess that? I met some of the ladies I had met before. They were visiting District Chairmen I was told. I’m getting to know quite a lot about the different districts, but I’m getting a bit fed up with President Betty’s speech. Do you think she will be cross if I tell her its time to change it?



I didn’t need to look at my calendar to know that that was the last day of September, and I will spend the first day of October travelling home again. Just a little rest and I will be ready to begin my adventures again.

Bye for now, Love Teddie xxx





Teddie's Tales 3 - End of August 2021 

Hello again,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had quite a busy August. I had hoped I would be going on holiday, but President Betty and Uncle Dave decided that there was too much to do, and I think they were right.



On 6th August I went to visit the Inner Wheel club of Ware and joined them for a walk. They were so smart in lovely pink Inner Wheel tee shirts. I didn’t have a tee shirt, but I wore my Inner Wheel badge and a badge from the Stroke Association. We walked along the riverbank and I saw some swans in the water.

Then we walked up a hill to a very nice Inner Wheel lady who gave us coffee and biscuits. It rained a bit when we were walking and so I didn’t get too wet, (President Betty thought I might shrink – fancy that) she put me inside her rucksack. I was cold and damp and lonely. But when the sun came out again, she took me out and carried me.


We went to a lovely café for our lunch and everyone there was very friendly. The café is called Bridget’s and is part of ASL (Aspire, Support, Learn), a charity that supports young adults with additional needs.

When we had finished our lunch the lovely helpers at the café sang and danced for us. We all waved our arms in the air. It was really good fun.

Later in the month I attended another rally. This time it was in District 26. I sat on the table with President Betty’s cards and candles, and all the ladies who were buying things came and talked to me. I even  had my photo taken again.

I’m pleased to say that President Betty didn’t forget to collect me from the cards table and take me to the top table so she could introduce me to everyone in her speech. I liked that.

I listened to District Chairman Brenda talking about some of the members who had done some extra special work, and one of them was given a gift. That was nice.


On August 23rd I went walking again. This was with the ladies of President Betty’s club, and we walked in the Braintree and Bocking public gardens. This is not a very big park and we walked round the perimeter of the park more than once. People must have wondered what we were doing, but we stopped and talked to some of them. When we stopped for coffee (and a rest), more people asked what we were doing, and they put some coins in the big purple bucket. I had to get out to let them do this. We met a very important man at the gardens.


He came from the Stroke Association and was what they called the Chair of the Trustees. He walked with us for part of the way. All the ladies did some of the walking, even those they said were very old. (90+) June said that we had walked over 33 thousand steps between us. That’s a lot! It was a nice sunny day and no rain this time.

The very next day I went walking again! We walked in a wood near to the town of Witham. The wood was called James Cooke woods, named after a young man who had been hanged at Chelmsford prison in 1829. They said he had set a fire at the nearby farm where he worked, but the fires continued after he had been hanged, so it couldn’t have been him. What a dreadful story.

After we left the woods, we drove on to a beautiful old church that wasn’t in use anymore. It was called St Peter’s Church and is looked after by a group called the Friends of Friendless Churches. When we were there a very kind vicar told us about the church. He was visiting it too, and he was going to bless the new stained-glass windows that had been made. He showed us pictures of how it used to be. After we left the church, we walked across the fields to see a wooden bridge.



This bridge used to carry the railway line over the mill stream on its way between Witham and Maldon. It is the last surviving timber trestle railway bridge in England. It was such a long drop from the bridge to the water, I was afraid to sit on it, and President Betty said there was a notice to say it was unsafe. I thought if I fell off I might end up in the river and I would drown. I’m not much good at

swimming. It was another beautiful day, and I really enjoyed the sunshine.                                                          


On the last day of the month, I will be going in Uncle Dave’s car again because we are going to Llangollen to visit PP Enid. I’m sure I have heard them talking about a walk while we are there, but that won’t be until next month. I’m looking forward to that. We have five visits to make in September, but I’ll tell you all about those in the next episode.

Bye for now, Love Teddie xxx


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