The date of the Home Service Report should run from January through to December.   

This issue crops up every couple of years despite having been unanimously voted on at Council several times.    We would like to clarify the reason that the reports run from January through to December and not for the Inner Wheel year i.e. July to June, is that The Home Service Report is compiled to enable the Association Editor to present the details at the Annual Conference AGM in the Spring.   If the report was based on details of the Inner Wheel year which ended on June 30th, it would be nine months out of date and some of the facts from the beginning of the year would be some 21 months old.    It would have no bearing on what happened during the year of the Association President whose Conference it is!

If the Club Correspondents are in their first year of office, they should have no problem obtaining the details of the second half of the previous year from either their predecessor, the Club Minutes or Club Reports.

This obviously also applies to the International Service Reports.


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