As promised, please find patterns for washable and re-usable sanitary pads. These could be made by clubs and districts as an alternative or in addition to knitting squares, jumpers etc. With many thanks to Linda Willetts D19 and Marion Tasker D22.

Happy sewing.

Ann Acaster.

Please find attached instructions and patterns for sanitary pads.

These were designed so that I could use any materials that were available very cheaply in Uganda and, made by the girls themselves, 13 years ago my husband Mike and I started a school in Uganda and only realised 4 years ago when a friend of ours went to visit the school that the older girls  were missing school for 4-5 days every month, we realised immediately what the problem was, but as menstruation is a taboo subject in the villages and many girls did not know what was happening to them we were not made aware of the problem.  Our friend spoke to the girls and found that  the only protection they had was old bits of rag and in some cases just grass, I knew something had to be done but realised that by making and just sending out a few pads myself was not the answer as this is a long term problem, so I went out to the school armed with patterns, materials and machines and taught the girls how to make the pads themselves and also how to make panties as one is no good without the other and this was yet another problem, they had no underwear, since doing this we now have full attendance at school and the project has been taken out to many other schools in the area, giving many girls back their dignity thanks to an NGO who has taken it on, but my girls have also managed to make a small business from this earning small monies for their families and I have since been back to the school and helped them set up a  shop where they not only make and sell the pads and underwear but make and design clothes,  making a big difference to them their families and the community.

I hope that by putting this on the website many more young girls can be helped

If you need any more information please let me know

Thanks for thinking of this

Linda Willetts



Please click on this link for Pattern A

Please click on this link for Pattern B

Please click on the below links for each individual coloured pattern -

Coloured Pattern 1

Coloured Pattern 2

Coloured Pattern 3

Coloured Pattern 4

Coloured Pattern 5

For a different pattern please see below and contact Marion Tasker 

 A message from Marion Tasker, ISCC of District 22 below - 

I see from the Council minutes that you are looking for a sanitary pad pattern. 

I have just returned from a few weeks in Zambia teaching ladies to make washable sanitary pads. I began 2 years ago at Project Luangwa, Zambia, then in Malawi last year and now back again in Zambia at a very rural village and large secondary school. I have 2 patterns. I volunteer with NPAC (National Police Aid Convoys) and they supply the special materials required to get each of these project started.

Marion Tasker

ISCC District 22

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