The Executive Committee agreed that the date of the Virtual AGM 2022 will take place on Wednesday 27th April at 2 pm.


A similar format would be followed to last year's programme:-


Circulated Mid January 2022

A Pre-recorded video showing the Proposer and Seconder of each of the 10 Proposals (and any Amendments) will be circulated to all the Clubs and Districts for debate.


Circulated at the Beginning of February 2022

A pre-recorded video showing any General Motions received by the end of January will then follow and circulated to all the Clubs and Districts for debate.  A recording of Treasurer Heather presenting the Accounts and Balance sheet 2020-2021 will be included here as she will need to include a General Motion to set the Capitation Fee for 2022-2023.


Wednesday 23rd February 1 pm – live session

A Q&A Zoom meeting will be held for the following :-

  1. Each of the Proposers and Seconders
  2. The Governing Body (Ex-Officio voting delegates)
  3. The Association Past Presidents (Ex-Officio voting delegates)
  4. One Representative from each District (District voting delegates)
  5. One Representative from each Club (Club voting delegates)


Melanie will ask for details of any questions to be submitted in advance so that she can prepare a list of people who wish to ask in an orderly fashion.


Voting By End of March 2022 latest

Voting will take place electronically by the Voting Delegates (which will include Ex-Officio members – the Governing Body and Association Past Presidents, the District Chairmen and one Voting Delegate per Club).

Voting will be for the Proposals, General Motions, adoption of the Accounts and Auditors, and also the Association Executive Committee members for 2022-2023 where a vote is required.


Votes will then be counted by Mi-Voice.


Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 2 pm

The Virtual AGM 2022 will take place via Zoom where reports are given and then the results of the voting announced.    All the Voting Delegates will be invited to attend this meeting as spectators.  This session will be Chaired by President Betty.


Click here for written details of the Ten Proposals and One General Motion


Click to watch a YouTube recording of the Presentation of the Ten Proposals


Click to watch a YouTube recording of the Presentation of the Accounts and Balance Sheet for 2020-2021 and the presentation of the General Motion. 


Click here to view the nomination booklet for the Association Executive Committee 2022-2023.

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