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Dear fellow members,

Who would have thought that in January 2022 we would still be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic? The new variant Omicron has spread rapidly throughout the four countries of our Association and has done its best to disrupt our daily lives. But we will not let it affect our friendships and our service to others.

Our clubs responded brilliantly to the need for face coverings during the early days of the pandemic, now our ladies are volunteering at vaccination centres, providing homemade cakes for our hardworking nurses, and carrying on with all our usual fundraising and projects. We are strong and resourceful women and will not be beaten by a virus!

Our meetings and other activities are taking place as usual, and we know that if our activities are curtailed by further restrictions, we have the knowledge and the skill to transfer our meetings to the internet.

Although the winter weather is not conducive to sponsored walking, many of our clubs have donned their pink or purple and set off to raise much needed awareness and funds for the Stroke Association. I look forward to walking with many more of you when Teddie and I visit your district. So far Teddie and I have completed 12 of our 29 walks covering parks, beaches, woodlands, and tow paths and have enjoyed them all. Some have been with clubs or districts, others solitary; and with warmer weather rapidly approaching we look forward to finishing our challenge and walking with you all. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Stroke Association in this way.

Also, a very big thank you to all of you who have bought my handmade items when I have visited your district. So far, we have raised over £1,000 in this way.

It is such a shame that once again we are to have no conference. Registrations, understandably, were low, and being mindful of how we spend our members money, the best course of action was an early cancellation. We will certainly miss the opportunity to get together with our friends across GB&I and hope that circumstances are very different in 2023.

Finally, in the 13 rallies I have attended so far, I have had the opportunity to talk with members and hear about the fantastic projects that are taking place throughout the Association. It makes me incredibly proud to hear of all the excellent work you are doing, and I wish there was some way of sharing it with you all. When we speak about Inner Wheel as being a best kept secret, the enormous range of projects and activities undertaken by Inner Wheel members is a secret to most of us too. We need to shout aloud and publicise ourselves. If people don’t know who we are and what we do, how are they going to want to join us?

Best wishes



President Betty's chosen charity for her year 2021-2022 is The Stroke Organisation.   

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