Association President


Enid Law - Association President 2019-2021

Llangollen District 18


President’s Latest Letter

Dear Friends,

What an exciting week this has been for our Association!  On Wednesday we held our first ever virtual A.G.M. and my thanks go to all those who made it possible. The Reports showed that despite these difficult times members have continued to provide service, both at home and abroad, and have kept up a chain of friendship.

I was so pleased that all four Proposals were carried, three of which have important repercussions in terms of membership.  The most significant was the adoption of Proposal 3 which means we can go ahead with forming the i-Wheel club. This will allow us to reach out to an entirely new generation of members who find attending club meetings inconvenient but who can connect with each other digitally. We owe a debt of gratitude to Sarah Keegan and M.O.C. Liz Norris from District 5 for all their hard work in bringing this about. It now means that they can meet with members of our Association Executive to discuss the way forward.

Following on from this, many of us enjoyed the first ever virtual Convention at the weekend when over 4,000 members from all parts of the world were able to meet online to hear key-note speakers and the discussions on the Proposals, all in the splendour of the Indian setting. 

For us as an Association, the icing on the cake came at the very end when it was announced that our bid to host the Centennial Convention in 2024 in Manchester. How proud we will all be to welcome our friends from all the countries of I.I.W. to the birthplace of our movement.  Huge congratulations to Pam McConnell and her team for bringing this to a successful conclusion. We will all have a part to play as hosts to this exciting event.

We have been through some dark days, but I am sure we can look forward to much brighter ones in the future. Let us put the logos of the last two years together and show that “Together we Can” “Lead the Change”.

Yours in Inner Wheel Friendship,


Association President Enid Law 2019-2021




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